Album cover artwork for Josh Pyke with red vinyl record popping outFun fact: Every Josh Pyke studio album has hit the Top 10, but he’s yet to score a number one. Maybe that will change with his seventh studio album, To Find Happiness.

Not that his work is defined by chart success.

Pyke, the melody master, crafts pop songs that hit you right in the heart. Check out his track about identity and love, If You Don’t Know Me, Who Am I?, a powerful and poignant piece inspired by his mum’s battle with Alzheimer’s. Then there’s Your Heart Won’t Always Weigh a Tonne, a salve to troubled times. “Does the day bring fever and fear?” the Sydney singer-songwriter asks before a soaring chorus lifts even the heaviest of hearts.

A Josh Pyke album might not necessarily deliver happiness, but it will provide a perfect soundtrack for the search.

To Find Happiness by Josh Pyke is out March 18 via Sony.

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