Album cover artwork for Little Oblivions with black vinyl record popping outTennessee-based Julien Baker, known for using the guitar as her primary instrument, launches into Little Oblivions with the sound of an organ, signalling a shift in sound on her third solo record.

The quality and scope of production has increased, however Baker’s emotive songwriting remains her greatest asset as she writes about everyday life with a striking poetry. Lyrics about running late and bloody knees are sung with a casual grace on Heatwave, while tracks Repeat and Highlight Reel express Baker’s experiences with anxiety in visceral detail.

It’s easy to forget – considering her emotional and musical maturity – that Baker is just 25 years old, though no doubt she is an artist that will only continue to grow with every release.

Little Oblivions by Julien Baker is out now via Matador/Remote Control.

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