Justin Bieber album cover artwork with black vinyl record popping outJustin Bieber is now six albums deep, the last two released in as many years — a deep run for a pop princeling turned prince.

What ground does one cover at this advanced stage?

Full crooner mode, it turns out. Justice is almost too sentimental for its own good, skirting the downright saccharine at the expense of the bigger and more exuberant Bieber on early go-arounds. But it’s the kind of lullaby sweetness that comes from a genuine encounter with something worth being sentimental about, and it’s honestly really beautiful to hear post-marriage Biebs reacting to the nightmare of the past year by basically weeping onto the tracks about all the beauty he sees in the world.

Justice by Justin Bieber is now available on vinyl, as well as CD, via Sony.

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