album cover for Smile by Katy PerryWith Perry dressed all great-clown-Pagliacci on the cover, Smile is upfront about its ambitions to laugh through the tears.

Written from a place of newfound resilience, these tracks are bodily exaltations of the ability to find catharsis through movement. Ditch the pop cliches of dancing like the world is ending; Smile sees nothing but tomorrows. Just peep Perry shouting with all literalness “It’s not the end of the world” over a pummeling beat, or “Do you know the darker the night/ The brighter the stars glow?” over the plinking melody of Resilient.

World-wearier than Teenage Dream-era Katy Perry, Smile shows her baring the scars with strength.

Smile by Katy Perry is out Friday August 28, via Capitol/EMI.

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