King Gizzard Fishing For FishiesAfter a quiet 2018, Australia’s favourite prolific rock juggernaut King Gizzard return with their 14th studio album since 2012.

Fishing for Fishies is an amalgamation of all the elements that have become staples of the band’s over the years: blistering jazz-inspired instrumental breakdowns, harmonica solos and high-octane blues-rock tailormade for mosh pits. What will perhaps be a surprise to many is the ambient instrumentation of penultimate track Arcarine, which wouldn’t be out of place playing at a late-night dance club.

It’s a shift in direction for the now legendary band that proves they’ve still got plenty of tricks up their sleeves. Who knows what they’ll do next?

Fishing For Fishies is out April 26 via Flightless.

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