Wrestling is the debut album from KUČKA, the project of producer, vocalist and songwriter Laura Jane Lowther. It’s her first full length, and the latest in a long list of accomplishments.

Beginning in Perth’s collaborative music scene, KUČKA has since worked with peers around the globe including Flume, A$AP Rocky, Vince Staples, SOPHIE, Fetty Wap and Kendrick Lamar. Her output is equally expansive, spanning experimental pop, avant-electronica, dance, R&B and beyond.

Connecting it all is KUČKA’s dedication to sound design and storytelling. They’re both signatures found throughout this innovative debut. On Drowning, for example, experiences of depression and displacement are described both in lyrics and the interplay of synths and percussion. Melodic elements are slowly submerged by heavy rhythms before resurfacing, stronger than before. The album title, Wrestling, is an evocative one, with suggestions of struggle and play.

KUČKA presents personal accounts from her life, but also invites the listener to engage with their own, offering fuel for the imagination with her creative sound synthesis and skillfully structured songs.

Wrestling by KUČKA is out April 30 via Soothsayer/Lucky Me.

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