LA Salami Album CoveGather around the campfire, friends, and let British poet/crooner L.A. Salami drop some wisdom bombs on you.

Lookman Adekunle Salami certainly has something to say; luckily for us, he was given his first guitar only a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. The world hasn’t heard a storyteller like this since Neil Young or Paul Simon – Salami’s hypnotising lyrics pull on your heartstrings through every twist the album takes.

Dancing With Bad Grammar: The Director’s Cut blurs the lines between blues, folk, and beat poetry; a poignant expression of empathy and ambition. Lead single The City Nowadays is a candid, politically charged track of witty rebellion. Like the comfortably relatable Day To Day, much of the record is simply Salami, his six string and a harmonica – if you’re imagining Bob Dylan’s setup, you’ve nailed it. At just over eight minutes, My Thoughts, They Too Will Tire is a journey of social commentary and the self-reflection of a man with a curious and wandering mind. A modern day Banjo Paterson, L.A. Salami has the answers to questions I never knew I needed answering until now.

Dancing With Bad Grammer: The Director’s Cut availaible August 26 via Sunday Best/PIAS