Lanks twentysevenTwentyseven is partly about growing up. Specifically, the part where you stop worshipping death, as the youngs do, wittingly or not.

The myth of The 27 Club looms over Lanks’ self-reckoning; where his heroes were immolated on pyres of their fans’ building, the newly married Will Cuming is finding the virtues of fading away. If the epiphanies of ageing hipsters don’t interest you, twentyseven races and smoulders in turn like Future Islands meets Chet Faker (with whom Lanks shares co-producer Andrei Eremin), switching modes between slinky R&B, contemplative slow-burns, and blood-pumping anthems. Plus, the last track is his proposal song. Cute.

Twentyseven is out April 27 via THAA/Unified.

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