Laura Jean DevotionLaura Jean is a leading cartographer of the inner world. Her songs trace the rocky peaks and shaky shores of our interior lives with rare precision.

Where previous albums filled these maps with folk and rock arrangements, in Devotion she projects her words with atmospheric R&B and evocative synth-pop tones. NZ artist Lorde praised first single Touchstone as “maybe the sharpest communication of the spooky, all-consuming nature of feminine love I’ve ever seen.”

Devotion looks at the connections that span vast distances and time. Laura explains it’s “about how a lonely coastal childhood filters into a contemporary adult life… I wrote this album for my mum, middle sister and myself as we were at that time – eccentric, romantically unfulfilled teens and a stressed-out single mum trying to have a love life.” In this way Devotion offers a detailed chart of evolving lives with ever-shifting boundaries.

Devotion is out now via Chapter/ Inertia.

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