Album cover artwork for Lauv with blue vinyl record popping outIt seems the “inner child meditation work” Lauv dabbled in during the making of this, his second album, has paid dividends – and prompted squaring off with some personal demons.

The multi-instrumentalist and producer weaves arrangements with a spry hand, poignant soundscapes opening into glowing, juicy beats filled with nervousness/excitement, like standing on the edge of a waterfall while your crush beckons from the jewel-blue pool below. Opener 26‘s thick and bittersweet synths accompany lamentations about time and youth (“26 and rich – how the hell did it come to this?”). Time After Time emerges from a darkened ocean, synths matching beat to create ominous pockets of quiet.

But nowhere does Lauv peer more deeply inside than on Hey Ari, a candid letter to self calling out destructive habits and wantonly heart-on-sleeve behaviour, accompanied only by acoustic guitar.

All 4 Nothing is another luminous win for the young Californian.

All 4 Nothing by Lauv is out now, including on JB-exclusive blue marble vinyl (pictured above) via Virgin.

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