Albunm cover artwork for Lee Ranaldo with black vinyl record popping outSonic Youth guitarist and accomplished solo artist in his own right Lee Ranaldo put his time in lockdown to good use, creating a four-part instrumental piece titled In Virus Times.

Recording from his Manhattan home, the 22-minute long work has Ranaldo armed with just a trusty acoustic guitar, notes plucked so that the resonance of their sound creates an ambient affect. The piece feels largely spontaneous, Ranaldo repeating notes before suddenly changing course, the sound of his body shifting caught on mic alongside sirens, street noise and faraway conversations.

A still-life captured in a time of great upheaval, Ranaldo has weaved a moving sonic tapestry that immerses listeners into his world.

In Virus Times by Lee Ranaldo is out Nov 11 via Mute/PIAS.

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