lm5The British pop sensation are back to remind us women that we don’t need no men, with their latest album LM5.

You would be forgiven for having forgotten Little Mix started their careers as X Factor graduates, what with the level of stardom they have since achieved.

Got a job interview? Make sure to chuck LM5 on in the car on the way there; these girls ooze motivation and feminine empowerment. As is the norm, themes of boys and relationships run rampant throughout the tracklist, but the four-piece also remind us to keep our friends close; Told You So is a particular highlight of the record (“Be honest / How are you feeling, girlfriend?”).

There’s pop, there’s R’n’B, there’s hip hop, and there’s even a bit of Sisqo in this smashing latest from the all-conquering girl group.

LM5 is out November 16 via Sony Music UK.

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