Album cover artwork for Liz Phair with black vinyl record popping outPioneering indie rocker Liz Phair is back with Soberish, the Chicago native’s first album in over a decade.

It doesn’t feel like any time has passed since her last release, with opening track Spanish Door possessing the hallmarks that have defined Phair’s career – candid lyrics, wry observations and impressive guitars. The record is a loose concept album, with Phair recounting her experiences of romance from the dizzying highs to a subsequent painful break-up, all while in the midst of intoxication and attempts to abstain from alcohol’s powerful pull. Soberish is the perfect re-introduction to Phair, but also serves as an ideal entry point for new fans of a musical icon.

Soberish by Liz Phair is out now via Chrysalis/Inertia.

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