lorde melodramaElla Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, better known by stage name Lorde, was called ‘the future of music’ by no less than the late David Bowie.

No pressure, then. She first permeated the airwaves at a mere 16 years old (remember Royals?). She’s best known for her lyrical prowess and wonderful word-weaving, and those skills that see her one-up her debut release Pure Heroine ‑ four years later ‑ with Melodrama. Her almost spoken-word approach to production gives her a sound many marvel at, and she’s right back in with the heavy hitters here. There are some definite Tennis Court meets Yellow Flicker Beat feelings on Sober – a celebration of long nights and good vibes – and Liability is a touching self-reflection on how your friends treat you like the plague, when you wind up in the public eye. None of this 11-track foray wastes a moment, and if you were at all a fan of Pure Heroine you’ll adore Melodrama. She’s the Queen of the scene right now, and the intervening years don’t seem to have done her any harm. Pay close attention, too, to album highlight Supercut; it’s a real, close look at relationships – “In your car the radio up//we keep trying to talk about us”.

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