Lowtide Southern Mind Album CoverPrepare to surrender yourself to the spellbinding sophomore album from Melbourne’s Lowtide.

Through pushing the limits of their instruments further than ever before, the band take their hypnotic sound to staggering new heights. Like iconic shoegaze bands who came before them, Lowtide utilise dreamy harmonies from vocalists Gabriel Lewis and Lucy Buckeridge to leave you swooning. There are two sides to the band evident on the album: the giddy post-punk of tracks like Alibi and Elizabeth Tower, and the glacial dream-pop of A.C and Olinda.

With an album that’s full to the brim with rich sonic textures, there’s plenty to be uncovered with repeated listens. It’s this that makes Southern Mind an album that needs to be sat with, and appreciated with focused intent.

Southern Mind is out Feb 16 via Rice Is Nice.

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