Photographer Sally Mann is fascinated by personal histories – how we tell the story of ourselves. In her book Hold Still: A Memoir With Photographs she writes: “Memory’s truth… is to scientific, objective truth as a pearl is to a piece of sand.”

There’s an echo in researcher Rosalind Cartwright’s words: “Memory is never a precise duplicate of the original… it is a continuing act of creation.”

It’s an art that Lucy Dacus practices, finding pearls in the sands of memory. On her latest album Home Video the Virginian musician looks to primary sources from childhood. Old friendships and formative experiences are revisited, all recast under the light of her writing. Songs like VBS (Vacation Bible School), trace the heightened emotional states of first romance. Thumbs details an episode of friendship and family reckoning so moving it inspired its own Twitter account from fans eager for an official release. And Hot & Heavy soars at the heart of the album, a cathartic rock anthem of reflection and growth.

Home Video by Lucy Dacus is out now via Matador.

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