Album cover artwork for A View Of U by MachinedrumCognitive scientist Alexandra Horowitz once walked around the same city block 11 times. Each time with a different travel companion, from an artist, to a geologist, to a dog. The aim: to see a familiar world with fresh eyes.

“Right now, you are missing the vast majority of what is happening around you,” Horowitz notes in the resulting book On Looking: Eleven Walks with Expert Eyes. “You are missing the events unfolding in your body, in the distance, and right in front of you.”

I think about her words when listening to A View Of U. Few producers reward attention as generously as Machinedrum. Each song brims with detail and discovery, enhanced by the contributions of collaborators such as Freddie Gibbs, Mono/Poly, Tigran Hamasyan, Jesse Boykins III, Rochelle Jordan and Tanerélle. There’s sun-hued synths, looming 808s, and spectral strings that swirl across the stereo field.

The sample slicing and rhythmic programming is densely detailed; as ever, drawing on hip hop, house, drum ‘n’ bass, rave, footwork, and previously unheard variations. With A View of U we’re invited to witness the full scope of the producer’s panoramic vision.

A View Of U by Machinedrum is out now via Ninja Tune/Inertia.

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