Maggie Rogers album coverThe music student who made Pharrell Williams cry has come a long way, baby.

On her debut album, Maggie Rogers includes her break-out hit Alaska and the sample-heavy On + Off – both from her 2017 EP Now That The Light Is Fading – but the rest is new, and it’s similarly gorgeous. There are dashes of HAIM in the guitar licks but most notably in her powerful vocals – Rogers has gained the confidence to lean into her mighty chest-voice (the strength of which you can see in the very opening notes of her recent SNL performance of Fallingwater – see below).

The cherry is Past Life, comprising only voice and piano, the latter of which is played with heavy sustain pedal so the chords bleed into one another, Eno-style.

A truly charming debut.

Heard It In A Past Life is out now via EMI.

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