magic dirt life was better vinylBack in 1994, Magic Dirt were the Next Big Thing. Post-Nirvana, the major labels embraced alternative music and every label saw pay dirt in Magic Dirt. But the band remained fiercely independent on their second EP.

Just check out the third track, Amoxycillin. It’s an attention-grabbing pop hit – followed by 10 minutes of feedback. Ah, the ’90s! Life Was Better, which sold 20,000 copies, has just been issued on vinyl for the first time. It shows a band that should have conquered the world. Adalita Srsen sits comfortably alongside Chrissy Amphlett – another Geelong export – as a rock goddess. And props to the band (and recording engineers Lindsay Gravina and Michael Alonso) for a potent guitar sound.

Life Was Better (reissue) by Magic Dirt is out January 17 via Emergency Music/Remote Control.

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