Mallrat In The Sky EPThe first few acoustic chords of In The Sky say a lot about the progression that Brisbane’s Mallrat (Grace Shaw) has made since her debut single in 2015.

Even moreso, the evolution of her daring and personal lyricism: Real sorry about your broken heart/ I’m trying to walk on broken glass,” the teenager opines on Groceries. On the spacious Texas, she picks up her flow and dips the toes back into rapping – a starring moment on the release – while the kaleidoscopic, sweet-but-not-too-sweet Better proves its spot as a defining track in Shaw’s ascension.

But In The Sky isn’t all rainbows and puppy dogs. The beat gets a heavier for UFO, (where she enlists regular collaborator and mentor Allday) and as a general rule you shouldn’t allow Shaw’s subtle, candied vocals to fool you into expecting matching up-beat lyrical content. Most of it’s fairly personal, with unrequited love and frustration the most repeated themes.

“I don’t like sitting still,” Shaw sings on closing track Make Time. Based on this release and the momentous rise she’s experienced in 18 months, she won’t have any time to.

In The Sky EP ia out June 1 via Dew Process.

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