Marika Hackman Any Human Friend album coverOn her third album English musician Marika Hackman pushes boundaries and subverts genres effortlessly.

Opening with the folk-tinged Wanderlust, suddenly the album deviates to the sexually charged disco of The One to throw listeners off-guard. Hackman isn’t afraid to be explicit either, with both All Night and Come Undone playing out Hackman’s most intimate moments as she proudly displays her sexuality.

She wears her feminist politics on her sleeve too, with witty one-liners such as “Under patriarchal law, I’m going to die a virgin” real highlights of the album.

Any Human Friend firmly establishes Hackman as a queer music icon, a rebellious spirit who is only ever going to do things on her terms.

Any Human Friend by Marika Hackman is out August 9 via AMF/Caroline.

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