Album cover artwork of We Are Chaos by Marilyn MansonSinister throbbing. “I will cover the Earth in honey and everyone will eat themselves…”

Welcome to Marilyn Manson’s fresh, cartoonish hell where jagged riffs and explosive drum beats reign.

Inspired by this collection of songs, Manson painted a self-portrait, which graces the We Are Chaos cover. There’s song-title genius (hello, Red Black And Blue!), emo lyricism (“I’m not special, I’m just broken/ And I don’t wanna be fixed”) and Manson shimmers chameleonic throughout his 11th set, lurching wildly from growling demon to crooning, swagger-stick-wielding dandy (the title track belongs on Broadway).

T. Rex-esque Perfume struts through like The Beautiful People, and Keep My Head Together closes out with some kinda creepy glossolalia, to conjure that dancing dwarf from Twin Peaks. Tantalisingly terrifying at every turn.

We Are Chaos by Marilyn Manson is out Friday Sep 11 via Loma Vista/Concord.
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