Album cover artwork Melanie CMelanie Chisholm has spent the years since her life in the Spice World figuring out who she is apart from it, so opening the album with a track called Who I Am seems like an obvious move.

But that undersells the fact that doing the whole solo-artist-self-titled-album thing isn’t about separating from the past on this go around, but reconciling it.

We’ve been spoiled for pop dance records in a year that feels so distant from a dancefloor, but Melanie C demonstrates that watching the genre’s developments first-hand over the past 30 years is a strength. With unceasing energy, contemporary twists that feel earned, and even heartfelt lyricism among bass-driven thumpers, Melanie C makes the case for the comeback.

Melanie C by Melanie C ia out now via Red Girl Media/Ingrooves.

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