Album cover artwork for Merpire with black vinyl record popping out“It takes a village to hold on to you,” confesses Rhiannon Atkinson-Howatt, better known by her moniker Merpire. This striking line opens Atkinson-Howatt’s eagerly awaited debut, a record of lyrical strength in times of self-doubt and heartbreak.

Anthemic and buoyant in energy, Atkinson-Howatt is a natural songwriter with a soulful, wiser-than-her-years vocal which makes you pay careful attention to what she has to say – though her words are unflinchingly honest and at times painfully relatable. Based off the strength of Simulation Ride, it’s inevitable that Atkinson-Howatt will join the canon of pioneering female indie songwriters; those who smash glass ceilings and remind listeners of the power of a woman’s unsilenced voice.

Simulation Ride by Merpire is out July 23 via ADA/Warner.

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