Album cover artwork with orange & pink splatter vinyl record popping out“Hope is an underrated word.” So starts Middle Kids’ eagerly awaited second album, a record that invites the listener into the band’s inner sanctum, exposing their insecurities and vulnerability.

“Do not ignore me,” Hannah Joy pleads in R U 4 Me?, and it’s impossible when the songs are this strong.

Of course, music is a never-ending, circuitous journey – as Joy notes in Cellophane (Brain), “Hey, when did you realise there’s no guy with a first prize waiting at the end?” But in the moment, when you’re listening to a song that’s transporting you someplace else, well, that song and that band means everything. Nothing else matters. Today we’re the greatest. And you can’t hope for more.

Today We’re the Greatest by Middle Kids is out March 19 via EMI/Universal.

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