Montaigne Complex album cover“I like listening to you,” Montaigne sings at the start of her second album, “with my fingers in my ears.” Loaded with irony, it’s the perfect and playful start to an album that doesn’t pull any punches.

No sophomore jinx here; this Sydney artist has delivered one of the year’s finest records.

“This is my damn song,” she declares. Indeed, it is. And Montaigne owns it. She packs more thrills into that opening track, CHANGE, than most pop artists deliver in their career. Dramatic and dynamic, there’s even a hip hop detour. “I’m fine,” she insists in Losing My Mind, though it’s obvious she’s got a few things she wants to get off her chest. Stockholm Syndrome is confronting and dark, and she’s not afraid to show a more vulnerable side in the stark Showyourself, as well as highlighting her insecurities in Please You and Is This All I Am Good For? “Every day I wake up and measure the skin around my waist,” she confides. “Is this all I am good for?”

Montaigne is a storyteller for our times – fearless, feisty, combative and, yes, complex.

Complex by Montaigne is out August 30 via Wonderlick/Sony.

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