Given the last year, it’s vexatious more artists weren’t pumping out live albums. Can’t sit yourself in a stadium? Take one home with you.

Let that be a lesson to artists: always have some recordings in the chamber so next pandemic, you can shove them in the nearest mixing desk, crank the Sounds Goodifier knob all the way up, and capitalise. Not that the knob needed much turning here, with over two hours of timeless hits, new jams, and favoured covers in delicious sequence.

But it’s not just about the compilation; it’s about the roar of the crowd, the feeling of being surrounded by thousands of other fans. This delivers, cranking the audience volume between songs way up in the mix as if you’re right in the thick of the crowd. Accompanying a live film, if you’re aching to get back into the stadium now, this is almost as good as the real thing.

education entertainment recreation by New Order is out May 7 via Warner.

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