Nils Frahm All EncoresFrahm describes All Encores (the consolidation of three EPs) as “musical islands that complement All Melody” (his 2018 release).

Encores 1‘s sonic explorations draw from an acoustic sound palette of piano and harmonium. Frahm recorded Encores 2 – which navigates ambient terrain and adds strings – through an amplified stone well he found on Mallorca, the result of which is an ever-present whooshing background noise.

Encores 3 incorporates more electronic/percussive elements. You may already be familiar with the pulsing, penultimate track All Armed – a live favourite since 2015. Closer Amirador is restorative.

All Encores is an intensifying listening experience, since each track’s arrangement is incrementally more intricate. This contemplative work feels simultaneously hopeful and curious. Soul soothing.

All Encores by Nils Frahm is out October 18 via Erased Tapes.

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