Album cover artwork for deluxe Nirvana albumWhen Nirvana released Nevermind in 1991, they put an unrelenting exploration of psychological wounds into the hands of a generation of teenagers, and encouraged them to destroy the furniture.

Thirty years on, it remains the cultural touchpoint for multiple eras of musicians and listeners alike, and when reflected upon proves to still be one of the most unflinching and divinely created albums ever made. A departure from the blown out, frantic sprawl of debut Bleach (1989), Nevermind was an exercise in clarity and cohesion – a way to tame the chaos into a record that could defy time and genre. A study in both pop and punk (but not an amalgamation), it exists as a reminder to all who followed that Nirvana did it first, and did it best.

Nevermind (30th anniversary edition) by Nirvana is out now on various formats (pictured above is the Superdeluxe Vinyl package) via Universal.

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