Noel GallagherWell I’ll tell you who built it according to Gallagher the Elder: a ringmaster goliath many thousands of feet tall, who has cobwebs circling around his boots like low pressure systems and a gargantuan keychain dangling with stars. (The Younger says the answer is “Keith” – source: Liam’s recent AMA.)

All of the tracks on Who Built The Moon? evoke this sort of celestial feel; gut string-taught violins swoop amongst beautifully full and thick drums on impressive opener Fort Knox, the galloping hi-hat on She Taught Me How To Fly is very Joy Division, and the nautical If Love Is The Law features romantic accordion and timpani. There’s a Finn brothers vibe to many of the melodies, and a general evocation of Sgt Pepper’s most sentimental moments across the whole. It’s terribly unabashed and full of hope – Noel might not be the primo wit of the Gallaghers, but he’s definitely the most vulnerable, and that’s a powerful thing.

Who Built The Moon? is out November 24 via Caroline.

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