album cover artwork for KIDS by Noga Erez with vinyl record popping outKIDS is the latest album from Noga Erez. It carries the universal quality of a timeless classic, but also relates very specifically to the era of its creation.

No News On TV, for instance, arrived as a single midway through 2020. A swift rock break propels the listener through a concise three minutes. Lyrics evoke the internal struggle and external inertia of lockdown.

Noga Erez intentionally draws us into thoughts around freedom and agency. The need to confront, rather than escape, difficult truths. “I don’t know what really, really happens at the end of the road,” Erez chants on End Of The Road, as a playful beat skips beneath. It’s accompanied by a video where the artist faces forward, “walking toward the unknown with a smile.”

KIDS blends bright pop precision with deep contemplation. Its bold melodies and addictive rhythms are punctuated by uncertainty and danger, like the synth blasts and unsteady bass lines on You’re So Done. Through her reflections and risk taking, Noga Erez delivers an album of meaningful insights and visceral thrills. A moment in time that’s sure to endure.

KIDS by Noga Erez is out March 26 via City Slang/Inertia.

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