Northlane Alien album cover“You can’t make me DIS-A-PPEAR! You tried to break me, but I’M STILL HEEEEERE!”
WOAH! Both sonically and thematically, Northlane’s fifth record will knock the wind out of your sails.

Album title Alien refers to the alienation lead singer Marcus Bridge felt as a child “raised in hell”, and second single Bloodline directly references visual memories from his violent upbringing. Heavy synth stabs, pummelling drums and impenetrable riffs replicate Bridge’s torment throughout, but there are also occasional pockets of melodic beauty: 4D conjures The Prodigy; Eclipse is peak, ricocheting-off-walls havoc. Over skittish beats, Bridge acquiesces through closer Sleepless. He bravely reopens old wounds and traces scars via intensely personally lyrical content, providing hope for the helpless.

Bridge is fearless. Northlane are peerless.

Alien by Northlane is out August 2 via UNFD.
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