ALbum cover artwork for Moral Panic by Nothing But ThievesOpener Unperson barnstorms in with Conor Mason’s intense delivery conjuring RATM-level fury: “This is not what you think it is/ It’s worse.”

Mason’s theatrical singing boasts in-his-prime-Farnsy virtuosity. Stand-out Phobia could be the missing sign of the apocalypse: show-offy alternating time signatures and an arrangement that sneaks up on you until, boom! Chainsaw riffs and bashing beats ultimately prevail.

But this album is far from just a relentless barrage of brutal outbursts; there’s also a fight song (Free If You Want It), romantic declaration (Impossible) and resilient closing statement (Before We Drift Away), elevated by strings.

Dense, dark and emo? Sure, but NBT’s outpourings are never devoid of killer melodic hooks. A mutant QOTSA/Muse fusion, Nothing But Thieves are strong medal contenders at The Band Olympics!

Moral Panic by Nothing But Thieves is out October 23 via Sony.

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