Yes Lawd RemixesYes Lawd! was last year’s introduction to the superduo superpowers of Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge. Acclaimed West Coast MC .Paak and uber-prolific Knxwledge are a match made in heaven, and their debut was an appropriately elevating experience.

The gospel-, soul- and jazz-infused beats were especially strong; a masterclass in production from a dedicated student of the craft. In fact, the number of albums available on Knxledge’s bandcamp page is close to 100, and the ideas keep flowing.  Yes Lawd! Remixes then is something of a victory lap; lyrics from the original are blended with reworked instrumentals. Sometimes the changes are subtle, and elsewhere the remixes are profoundly altered, creating an entirely new mood and drawing new life from the songs.

Yes Lawd! Remixes is out now via Stones Throw/Inertia.

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