Album cover artwork for Herald by OdetteWhile Odette’s second album – the follow-up to 2018’s massive breakthrough To A Stranger – is musically striking from the start, with stirring string and piano arrangements dancing around each other, it starts throwing real weight with I Miss You I’m Sorry.

An eviscerating admission of guilt/accusation of wrongdoing, it captures the inescapable ways people haunt and torture each other during and after a breakup.

This is the theme of the record in a nutshell; not for the faint- or brokenhearted, whether it’s in spoken word (like the intro to Feverbreak. Should Odette release a solemn rap record a la Ill Manors? Absolutely) or orchestral melodrama, Herald will ruin you like only another person can.

Herald by Odette is out Feb 5 via EMI.

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