Paces ZagAt some point in everyone’s life they will come to the realisation that nothing stays the same – you can embrace the changes or resist them, but either way they’re still going to happen. When everyone expected Gold Coast producer and perennial nice guy Paces (Mikey Perry) to zig, that’s when he zagged, binch.

The tropical electronic foundations on which Perry built his sound continue on ZAG, but with more considered pop sensibility. His bread and butter (vegan obviously) is in his female-led vocal collaborations: the good vibes in Act My Age, the wild Savage and the crescendo-to-drop on Don’t Run – featuring Sydnee Carter, NYNE and Doolie, respectively – emphasise Perry’s love of emerging local talent.

EDM lord Shockone adds his touch to banger Going Mad featuring Raven Felix and Clypso, who completely stars on the track. (Give me a whole album with this team! It’s like M.I.A dipping her toes into techno.) Meanwhile, an ever-growing hip hop influence is a welcome addition to Perry’s palette, with Midas.Gold and Jeida Woods providing the hardest verses on the record.

For an album that comes from a transition period in the producer’s life, ZAG is full of infectious positivity, confident experimentation, cute samples of the artist’s dog Chilli and son Koa, and an overwhelming sense that this nice guy isn’t going to finish last.

ZAG is out August 24 via Etcetc.

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