It’s been a big year for debut solo albums by Aussie rock legends; hot on the heels of Chris Cheney’s LP comes the similarly impressive solo debut for Grinspoon’s Phil Jamieson.

“If you could be somebody else, would you?” he asks in the title track, which opens the record. Not that this a reinvention – there’s enough rock here to satisfy the hardcore Grinspoon fans.

Jamieson’s voice is at the forefront of the record, which was coproduced by Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson. It’s perhaps been underrated over the years, but Jamieson has a great pop voice – check out Lights Out, which sounds like a fusion of Weezer and The Doctor’s work in The Fauves. It’s a treat.

Overall, it sounds like Jamieson had a ball making this record, and that translates to the listener.

Somebody Else by Phil Jamieson is out now via Cheersquad.

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