P!nk hurts 2b humanP!nk’s grasp on the pop sceptre is strong but flexible enough that she can twirl it as a baton, leading the parade of her impressive eighth album Hurts 2B Human.

(Troupe members include Beck, Sia, Teddy Geiger, and country icon Chris Stapleton.)

Triumphant lead single Walk Me Home burns bright with reverent, Imogen Heap-esque harmonies – a trick she also uses in the piano ballad 90 Days (which even repeats the Heap line “Mmm-whatcha say?” in its chorus). Many pop singers strain in the right spots and creak at the correct moments and sigh just where it’s supposed to go, but our ears can pick it as phony emotion. P!nk doesn’t fake it: she believes in herself, her material and the brains of her listeners, and that’s a Khaleesi I can get behind.

Hurts 2B Human is out April 26 via Sony.

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