Powderfinger vinyl packshot“Tell me when you’re coming home,” Bernard Fanning pleas on Unreleased single Daybreak – which prompts the question, could this be the prequel to My Happiness?

It’s more than possible, seeing at this collection of buried jewels was recorded between 1998’s Internationalist, spanning across Odyssey Number Five (where the 5 x Platinum My Happiness sits) and all the way up to 2010’s Golden Rule.

Most of these tracks display the guts of the band’s earliest material: a little more given to slashy or stumbling (never fumbling) drums, abrupt and angular interludes, fanging away on an electric guitar chord for far longer than is decent, and swears (“Stick it right up your ar-e” – Lou Dolmand). It’s a neat game picking out familiar motifs (the “Ooh-la-la-la”s at the end of Rule Of Thumb are identical to the outro “Ooh-la-la-la”s of Internationalist’s biggest hit Passenger), but you’re just as likely to get a curveball to the crotch if you aren’t paying attention.

Current ‘Finger fans will definitely dig, but those whose club membership has lapsed will get an absolute ton out of this record.

Unreleased (1998 – 2010) by Powderfinger is out November 27 via Universal.

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