PUP Morbid Stuff“I’ve been having some pretty dark thoughts, I like them a lot,” PUP frontman Stefan Babcock confesses during the Canadian punk band’s third album, Morbid Stuff.

Babcock’s homicidal, depressive and masochistic tongue-in-cheek thoughts are a battering ram throughout the gleefully death-obsessed record, exaggerated by his unnerved vocal and countered with laughter. Even the token love song, lead single Kids, is about his desolate world being a little more tolerable with her – but only the slightest bit.

On Morbid Stuff, PUP have broken down, re-thought and rebuilt the sounds that made the world fall for their joyous nihilism over the last few years to produce their best record to date; See You At Your Funeral is packed with a shout-along chorus and playful riffs, Scorpion Hill could be sung around a campfire before breaking out into a mosh, Free At Last is deceptively uplifting, Closure is the band at their scary best, and Full Blown Meltdown is an off-brand audible explosion – kind of like when you twist a spring so tight that it explodes out the side.

Morbid Stuff is really fun to listen to, but it’s kind of messed up.

Morbid Stuff is out April 5 via Cooking Vinyl.

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