Allday_SpeedingFrom Adelaide to Los Angeles via Melbourne, rapper Allday – real name Tom Gaynor – is carving his own lane in Australian hip hop. Avoiding the old school clichés that are often associated with our local scene, he instead takes cues from current artists like Drake, Travis Scott and Tory Lanez, mixing in his own distinct flow and pop sensitivities. 

In Motion – featuring a dreamy soundscape by Japanese Wallpaper – hits right in that rap/pop sweet spot; likewise, Melbourne singer Nyne’s hook on Sides wouldn’t be amiss on an OVO project, and the appearance of cult teenage princess Mallrat on Baby Spiders and Speeding are the perfect accompaniments to Gaynor’s stumbling flow. But don’t let the mumbled verses fool you for laziness – his style is purposely crafted, as a recent tweet from the 26-year-old attests: “Always try but at the same time don’t ever try.”

For all of the album’s drinking, smoking and partying bravado, there is an underlying theme of a young rapper growing up and reaching out to grab the opportunity that so many critics deservedly pointed out, following debut album Startup Cult. He is trying, just doesn’t want anyone to know.

Speeding is out April 21 on vinyl and CD via UNFD.

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