Stranger Than StrangersMelbourne foursome Apes have been grinding out acclaimed performances for a wee while now – in fact, their debut Stranger than Strangers is four years in the making.

That live life has honed their sound into something sweet and sharp like a bloody smooth mustard. These tracks feature beautiful washes of shifting colour with a sandy, fizzing ride cymbal never far away; many start with a nonchalant simian lope that turns menacing or melancholy with frontman Ben Dowd’s voice developing a serrated edge. Stand-out Tomb sees deep piano coming in just a half-beat early, giving a really propulsive vibe to its wheeling synths; If You Want It evokes a romantic City Calm Down feel with glittering electric guitar details, while Dimension’s climax is cherry-proof the guys are more than capable of thrashing out a heavier rock riff. A lot of thought has gone into this gorgeous debut – check it out.

Stranger than Strangers is out now via Independent/MGM.

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