Asgeir AfterglowThis review was written by guest contributor Madeleine Jayne.

Ásgeir has reinvented himself with his new album, Afterglow. The Icelandic native steers away from the traditional folk roots of his previous works, presenting us with a rebrand of electronic sensibility. Tinged with melancholy, the title track showcases the artist’s soaring falsetto vocals, while Stardust provides a contrasting upbeat, electropop addition. Despite his renewed direction, Ásgeir proves that electronic production can still hold organic intimacy. There’s a certain nostalgia that encapsulates each piece on this record, both lyrically and musically, surrounding listeners like the warm embrace of a distant lover or long-lost friend. Ásgeir is Iceland’s answer to Bon Iver and James Blake alike.

Afterglow is out now on vinyl and CD via Inertia.

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