Seven albums in and New York punks Bayside refuse to be pigeonholed into their genre.

Bayside-CoverWhen you have bandmembers moving all around the US (Nashville and Orange County respectively) you would think the process of creating a new album would become increasingly difficult. Somehow, Bayside have recorded one of their most complete works to date.

Written in a Motel Six while frontman Anthony Raneri waited for his family – and possessions – to arrive in Nashville, Vacancy is a record about the unknown, the uncertainty of life and the skepticism that comes with change. Lead guitarist Jack O’Shea absolutely slays this album and reaffirms his spot as one of the premier axe-men in punk. The album sways from their earlier punk sounds (Enemy Lines) to indulgent guitar riffs (Rumspringa) and even into a show tune (I’ve Been Dead All Day) that is so freaking catchy you’ll be singing along to it in front of strangers at Coles on a Wednesday night.

Vacancy available August 19 via Hopeless/UNFD

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