Benjamin Booker witnessDoctors recommend fruit, veg and exercise, but I advise you add a good dose of New Orleans crooner Benjamin Booker’s new album Witness to your diet to keep your soul healthy.

From the opening bars of Right On You it’s clear this record was made to make you happy; once Booker’s coarse and beautifully cracked voice hits your ears you’re sucked right into his world. Motivation encourages a fresh outlook, and you’ll need your dancing shoes on by the time you get to upbeat, hip-swinging Off The Ground. Brightness emanates from the title track, from its slinky guitars to the endearingly guileless piano, and the gospel choir which cuddles Mavis Staples’ gorgeous feature vocal. Forget Bourbon Street and its beads; this is soul food, teaching you how to live right – one song at a time.

Witness is out June 2 via Remote Control.

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