BIg Scary AnimalAn ever-evolving sound is emitted from this Melbourne duo, who – from humble indie roots with garage rock and an Australian Music Prize nod – are now selling out shows around the country on the eve of this, their third album proper’s release.

Dark, electro-clash undertones across the art-experiment beats and whistles make for an arse-shaking experience if the mood takes you. With its beyond-catchy hooks and stop-start party vibe, The Endless Story is crying for radio dominance (if it ever makes the maddening playlist ‘cut’), so too Flutism and Up and Up and Up with their break-beat/post-punk crossover hypnotism. Best local release of 2016 thus far, as you’d have to pull many a rabbit out of an enormous hat welded shut to compete with this.

Animal is out September 2 via Inertia.

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