Cables Ties packshotMelbourne’s Cable Ties might sound like they bear a torch for the ’70s New York tradition, but their debut record makes stylish a flavour of punk that’s gone somewhat out of style.

Being driven, as they are, by ethos and a clarity of purpose isn’t enough; it’s that, but also a deceptive discipline for songcraft that made any of Cable Ties’ predecessors stick through the decades. Vocal slamdancing reminiscent of X-Ray Spex’s Poly Styrene, a rhythm section that trades Stooges gnashing against Verlainean noodling, and personal-political screeds that embody the anger of the world better than any handwringing thinkpiece, mark Cable Ties as ascendant icons – and none too late.

Cable Ties is out May 26 on vinyl and CD via Poison City.

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