dddumboThree years have passed since D.D Dumbo released his Tropical Oceans EP.

It was a striking debut that sounded like nothing before or since – experimental pop, regional blues, folk and electronic all combined in new and original ways. Anticipation for a follow-up was high, a charged atmosphere something like the calm before a storm.

And so first single Satan struck like a bolt from the blue when it arrived months ago; a flash of genius heralding the artist’s full length album, accompanied by a compelling video shot in the strange, serene, surreal pink lake district near D.D Dumbo’s home. It felt like a force and its power only grew with each listen. It’s the same sense you get listening to the entire album Utopia Defeated. Innovative rhythms, artful arrangements, immaculate sound design and a surprising instrumental palette provide a constellation of ideas that will undoubtedly be studied and admired for years to come.

Utopia Defeated is available October 7 via 4AD/Liberation.

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