What up hombre – you wanna party? 

Drapht-Album-CoverYour best bet at havin’ a cracking weekend is chucking Seven Mirrors on high rotation. This new release is Drapht’s best yet, and the guest-heavy album is nothing to shake a sombrero at. Featuring the Dunies, Hilltops, and Briggs just to name a few, this release is the perfect collation of those chilled verses and catchy hooks our WA homeboy is famous for. Favourite tracks include Monsoon (“Don’t blame it on me / When it’s raining on you”) and Mexico if you’re here for a good time and not necessarily a long time. Drapht is back boys and girls, and better than ever. A must-have album for any hip hop fan worth their salt.

Seven Mirrors available August 19 via Sony

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