InteraliaEver wish you could get the chance to rediscover a band all over again? Seventeen years after the genre defining Relationship Of Command, erratic Texans At The Drive-In have returned slicker, poignant and more focused than ever.

Perhaps this record never stood a chance of meeting the extremely high expectations heaped on it from its creators and fans alike, but all the hallmarks of what made ATDI groundbreaking are still there. Individually, the group are back at the peaks of their powers: Cedric Bixler-Zavala has honed his vocal performance into concentrated surges of energy, showing the control and range he gained through The Mars Volta; Omar Rodriguez-Lopez slings his six-string better than anyone, in impressive bursts of experimental ideation; Keely Davis has effortlessly slipped into the ATDI bubble after Jim Ward’s vacancy and Tony Hajjar’s shifting tempos set the tone for the entire record. The ‘art’ and the ‘punk’ in ‘art-punk’ are still the twin cobra heads which drive ATDI’s sound.

in•ter a•li•a is out May 5 via Cooking Vinyl.
At The Drive-In are on tour in late September, with shows booked in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. See all the details here.

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